AC1BN - Fred

I'm a retired widower. I moved here from a suburb of Boston in late July of 2017 in order to be close to my son and his family, and I'm really loving this area!

I've only been licensed since December of 2016, but pushed through to Amateur Extra in 3 consecutive licensing sessions. Ham radio is my major hobby; I'm very much into chasing DX.

Before moving to Cold Springs I mainly worked SSB voice mode, both from my home QTH and from my cabin cruiser docked on Lake Winnipesaukee in NH. Since moving here, I mainly work digital modes (generally FT8) because of the current difficult propagation conditions. Plus, I live in an HOA controlled area and the weak signal capabilities of FT8 make DXing using my flagpole stealth vertical much more successfull!

I can usually be found nightly on 40M in the wee hours of the morning when the band is typically open to the South Pacific!

Other hobbies include off-roading in my UTV and benchrest target shooting. I also hope to get back into boating in the fairly near future!
Aug 1, 1947 (Age: 73)
Cold Springs NV