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    Cancelled Dummy Load

    Looking for a used Dummy Load that can handle 1kw such as a paint can cantenna. Willing to pick up in greater Reno area. If you have one for sale, please email picture and asking price to Thanks, Phil AB7WE
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    FOR SALE MFJ-4602 ANT Window Feedthru Panel's a stock photo of the MFJ-4602
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    FOR SALE MFJ-4602 ANT Window Feedthru Panel

    MFJ-4602 - Three SO-239 Teflon® coax connectors let you feed HF/VHF/UHF antennas. High voltage ceramic feed-thru insulators bring 450/300 Ohm balanced lines into your hamshack. Ceramic feed-thru insulator for long-wire or random wire, Stainless steel ground post brings ground into your hamshack...
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    SOLD MFJ Super Hi-Q Loop Antenna

    For sale is an MFJ-1788 loop antenna, including remote tuning unit (does not include feedline) The 1788 model covers 7-21 MHz. All tuning and control voltages are coupled to the antenna through standard coax feedline (not included) for a simple one wire installation. I worked all states and...