FOR SALE Ametron 811a HF Linear Amp Package

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    For Sale: Ametron 811a HF Linear Amp Package

    Ametron 811a HF 10m - 160m Linear Amp, 500 watts low bands to 350watts on high bands

    Dentron Super Tuner HF 160m-10m 1KW Tuner. Heavy duty tuner will couple a 160-10m transmitter to
    almost any type of antenna system. Includes a highly efficient balun for antennas feed with open wire line. Will work with coax as well as open feed line.

    [​IMG] upload_2017-10-7_22-2-15.png

    MFJ High-Power SWR/Power Meter

    All 3 items (Ametron 811a, $499, Dentron Super Tuner $149, MFJ High-Power SWR/Power Meter $49)
    individually $697 .... together as a Linear Amp Package $575.
    Pickup Reno, NV or make arrangements.

    Contact Barry

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