WANTED Ham Gear for Scouts

Howdy SNARS members! Many of you have heard me talking about Scouting events on various SNARS venues over the last couple of years. I am the Scoutmaster of Troop 443 in Spanish Springs, but I am also very involved in both our local district and the area council. I had some people mention at the swap meet that we should have a listing on here for us to collect working equipment that members would like to get rid of. Any equipment I receive will be available to any scouts (or any other youth groups) in our area if they give me proper notification ahead of their event.

We would be looking for working radios, antennas, analyzers, feed line, and other equipment.

I will add a few caveats to that...

I don't have space for "boat anchors" in my shack. I would love to have examples of those to show off, but perhaps that is something we can schedule sometime to show the scouts rather than me having to house any of those.

No "Projects"... I already have plenty on my plate. Well, maybe if it is a real cool project...

Antennas would be great additions, but they must be portable given the fact that we are mostly going to be in the field.

Test equipment is cool, but I may need to have training to go with that.

You can reach me at kjeldsen775@yahoo.com or 775-842-0015

Thank you again for your generosity to the scouts over the years!

Scoutmaster Jim Kjeldsen KJ7JXE
Troop 443 - Spanish Springs
Council Activities Committee Member
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