SOLD MFJ Super Hi-Q Loop Antenna

Phil Barackman

New Member
For sale is an MFJ-1788 loop antenna, including remote tuning unit (does not include feedline) The 1788 model covers 7-21 MHz. All tuning and control voltages are coupled to the antenna through standard coax feedline (not included) for a simple one wire installation.

I worked all states and 75+ countries using this antenna on FT8 digital mode, mounted indoors in front of a 2nd floor window. I’m selling it, because at my new single floor QTH I would have to mount it outside for adequate height, which is not permitted by the HOA. Also, the 36" diameter is a bit too large to fit through the access to my attic.

New ones are selling for $559 at DX Engineering. Price is $275 firm plus shipping cost or pick-up in Reno, NV. (I'm willing to deliver free in the Reno/Sparks area.)

Phil, AB7WE